Update: Muslim Girl Attacked in Trappes ‘Recovering’ After Suicide Attempt

The 16 year-old Muslim girl, Aissatou N., who jumped out of a fourth-floor window on Monday evening is recovering after she was said to be in a critical condition, French media reported. She underwent two surgeries Tuesday Le Figaro reported.

According to the AFP, the teenager had already tried to commit suicide a few days ago, on August 23, by taking some pills.

The adolescent said the Police has put pressure on her & accused her of falsehood, according to the Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie en France (Collective Against Islamophobia in France). Her version of the agression would have been, many times, questionned, say the CCIF on their website.

The victim said the was summoned to the Police station several times along with some of her close friends who are also underaged and were reached directly on their cell phones.

The CCIF called for an investigation to determine what pushed the teenager to commit suicide twice after she said she was attacked.


CCIF Tweet : Police is trying to protect themselves, because the victim has received a lot of pressure, was accused of falsehood …#Trappes



Earlier this month, the teen said she was attacked by two « European-looking » men in Trappes. In an interview given to the Huffington Post she said her assailants shouted racist and anti-Muslim insults at her before brandishing a boxcutter.

She said they then tore off her veil, pushed her to the ground, and hit her.

The victim said she was saved when a third man intervened.

The teen was taken to hospital where medical staff treated her for light wounds on her face and throat.

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